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Ben and Katie Coonfield

We decided to buy a house because we needed more space. Initially we were going to rent a larger apartment.  However, after shopping around, we discovered the rent would be more than a monthly house payment.  We also wanted something we could call our own. Owning meant we could decorate the way we wanted and our two cats would have a place to run around.Talking to a lender got the ball rolling. We learned we had saved up enough for the down payment and more than qualified for a loan.  Getting a loan was actually easier than we thought. There were many types available, some with minimum down payments of 0 – 3.5%.With our loan approval in hand we called you to help us shop for homes. We liked having a Realtor help us because we got to see a wide variety of houses. We also liked how you shared your knowledge about real estate. In particular your advice kept our expectations in line with reality.After a couple of months looking on-line and in person we bought a house. We actually spent less than we were planning. We were very happy to find a property with an updated kitchen and updated baths. We also thought the house had the potential to appreciate in the future.Overall we’re glad we bought now. We felt the timing was right to have a place of our own.

Joe and Gina Gerstandt

We were having a hard time selling our house and Andy helped us make it happen. He helped us sell our house in the middle of a very slow market and he helped us find a great new house for our family. Andy did everything that we needed him to do. His insight regarding the housing market proved to very valuable to us. Throughout our relationship with Andy he proved to be professional, helpful and flexible. Selling a house and buying a house are both big and complex issues as well as invoking emotional changes. Having a competent and reliable real estate agent to guide you through the process is invaluable. We highly recommend Andy Bock.

Tim Kaufman

In the course of buying and selling rental homes I have developed a respect for the skills of several REALTORS®. However, there's a reason why I have chosen Andy as my exclusive representative. He knows the territory, in every case has provided shrewd advice that has resulted in a timely and profitable transaction, and has successfully marketed my properties (even though some were in direct competition with nearby distressed properties). He's very easy to deal with and, for good reason, trust his judgment because in every case he has been spot on.


Marty and Melissa Kopplin

Andy served as an experienced guide through what can be a pretty stressful process. He took the time to get to know us and was very honest in his approach. We always knew he was on top of everything, tending to the details and communicating clearly. He is readily available, thoughtful, extremely thorough and a solid negotiator. Plus, he has a wealth of knowledge because he’s been in the business for so long. We have already recommended Andy to our friend.

Teri Dougherty

I have known Andy since I entered the real estate business in 1996. Having negotiated sales, partnered with and worked side by side with him for many years, I have found Andy to be the ultimate professional. Andy is dedicated to being up to date on industry trends, local changing economic issues and the latest techniques to draw buyers to his listings. I admire Andy’s ability to persevere year after year, regardless of highs and lows in the market, to produce consistent results and remain one of the top ranked agents in the Omaha Metro Area.